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Ms. Sunwanee Dolah

Ms. Sunwanee Dolah

Ms. Sunwanee Dolah has worked extensively on promotion and protection of the rights of migrant workers in Thailand. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she leads a needs assessment of migrant workers and supports front-line workers of Raks Thai Foundation in assisting migrant workers across the country.

Program Officer
Raks Thai foundation

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Ms. Sunwanee Dolah is a Program Officer under the Program Quality Department, Raks Thai Foundation. She has been working on several programs related to both undocumented and documented migrant workers from Myanmar, Laos PDR and Cambodia who are working in Thailand. Raks Thai’s programs focus on various dimensions relevant to migrant workers including health (HIV, TB prevention and care), labor rights violation, forced labor, and anti-trafficking in persons and involve multiple partners, from government (central and provincial levels), international organizations, civil society organizations, academia, employers, and migrants themselves.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ms.Sunwanee plays a major role in running a needs assessment of migrant workers and Rapid Gender Analysis (RGA). She also provides technical support to Raks Thai front-line workers in assisting migrant workers in many provinces across the country. Raks Thai foundation also works with the Public Health Ministry and the Foreign Ministry of Thailand, the World Health Organization, the International Organization for Migration, and the World Vision Foundation of Thailand in launching a hotline providing information about COVID-19 in Cambodian, Laos and Burmese to support migrant workers from three neighboring countries.

Ms. Sunwanee has a double degree in international relations and international law.

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