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Ms. Jelen Paclarin

Ms. Jelen Paclarin

Jelen Paclarin is a feminist and has been working on issues of women's human rights and violence against women for the past 20 years.

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Jelen Paclarin is a feminist, educator, community worker and has been part of the women’s movements for the past two decades. She is the executive director of the Women’s Legal and Human Rights Bureau (WLB). The Women’s Legal and Human Rights Bureau Inc. (WLB), formerly Women’s Legal Bureau was established in 1990 by feminist human rights advocates wanting to effectively address the prejudices suffered by Filipino women before the law and in the legal system. WLB emerged as the first consciously feminist legal organization advocating feminist legal advocacy as a strategy for the promotion and defense of women’s human rights.

WLB acts as Co-Coordinator, Weaving Women’s Voices in Southeast Asia. WEAVE is a regional group of women’s organizations and advocates from six ASEAN countries, namely, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines and Thailand. WEAVE aims to enable and facilitate meaningful and informed participation of women in the ASEAN processes and mechanisms.

She has written papers, articles and publications on the following issues/topics: (1) sexual violence and access to justice of women and girls in ASEAN; (2) women’s access to justice on sexual violence, online violence against women, and in plural legal systems; (3) domestic legal remedies of women in the context of violence against women both in the context of offline and online, women migrant workers and marriage migrants; (4) UN reports to the CEDAW, UPR, ICCPR, etc.; and (5) various research on rape, sexual harassment, Family Code, women’s human rights, including reports on COVID 19 and its implication to women and girls.

She is also a part-time senior lecturer at the International Studies Department of Miriam College Foundation.

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